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SCORA 2018 – The Masquerade Party


SCORA 2018-Serosoft Ceremony of Recognition Awards

Serosoft Ceremony of Recognition & Awards is an annual celebration day for Serosoft. A day to celebrate and remember the past achievements and look forward to the journey ahead!

THE GLIMPSE OF SCORA 2017 The Grand Bhagwati was chosen as the venue for last year’s event to set the stage for unveiling the journey and what we aspire to achieve in the years to come. The evening started with a speech by the CEO & MD – Mr. Arpit Badjatya addressing on the journey so far and how the organization has evolved by diversifying its offerings & geographical reach along with the use of innovation & cutting-edge technology. This was followed by Employee Rewards & Recognition (R&R)- Four awards were distributed for significant service tenures in the organization (for completing 5 years) and seven awards for Outstanding Performances during the year comprising of ‘Serostar, ‘Team Roker’ , Sero Culture, Best Academia Knowledge & ‘ Sero Rookie’. This was followed by an array of cultural events where employees across the organization gave impeccable performances through multiple dance forms, songs & stand-up comedy. After a long fun-filled time at SCORA 2017, the team gathered together for selfie over dinner.

Looking at the fun we had last year, this year it will be of course one step ahead of it. This year no Serosoft is going back home empty-handed, there are a lot of surprises coming along the way. Not just this, also Serosoft is going to have a fun-filled night that no one has witnessed yet with the thematic decor, glittering dress codes and so on.

Celebrating company success is important but recognizing the people who made it happen is Amazing feeling!!! Let’s be ready to feel the joy in SCORA 2018!!! Coming Soon!!