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SCORA 2022, Formula1 Party: Ready, Get Set, Go!

SCORA 2022 was a big hit! The joint effort that we put in to make Serosoft one of the best companies in Central India was even reflected in our joint effort to make SCORA 2022 a big success.

The grandeur, the amazingness, and most of all the chilled-out vibes – everything about SCORA 2022 was about giving the love back to our outstanding employees.

Here are some memorable moments from SCORA 2022.

Zumba @ Serosoft

This is how we stay so flexible to your needs. 😎

Sneak a peek into this month’s Fun Friday, a Zumba retreat for our employees to keep them healthy and refreshed from all the toil they undergo for the excellence of Serosoft, also bolstering our culture of taking care of our people and their body, mind, heart & soul.

We thank each Serosofter for making the event a huge success. We look forward to spending more enjoyable time with you all and adding more unforgettable moments to the history of Serosoft. Keep groovin’!

Life @ Central India’s Best Company

At Serosoft, we understand that it is important to have fun while you put in the hard work. We ensure that our team can keep themselves refreshed and recharged through a variety of fun, cool and engaging activities and events, around the year!

How is it to work with Central India’s best team?

The engine behind any organization is its team. Its employees make the organization to become a brand. The core values of Serosoft lie in taking care of its customers along with meeting employees’ satisfaction. Meet our team and know why we are not just the best Education ERP software but also Central India’s best team.

Serosoft Premier League - SPL 2021

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. – Michael Jordan

At Serosoft, we believe in teamwork.

Serosoft Premier League (SPL) 2021 was organized to give an opportunity to Serosofters to collaborate and promote team bonding, spirit, fun, and of course energy, excitement, and thrill.

This video is just a glimpse of Serosofters’ fun, thrill, and skill on the cricket ground.

We are not only good software guys but great cricketers!

SCORA 2020 - The Bond Night

One more night to remember by…
SCORA: Serosoft Ceremony of Recognition & Awards ended again with full of memories. SCORA 2020 came with the essence of James Bond in every Serosofters and brought some amazing performances with surprising awards including Rock Star Rookie, Mr. & Ms. SCORA, stunning bikes and much more. Here are a few glimpses of the night full of speed, style, and substance.

A Musical Eve with Antakshari @ Serosoft

You can not deny the power of nostalgia associate with Bollywood Antakshari. To relive those moments, Serosoft organized a musical eve with Antakshari. That’s the secret behind the energy of Serosofters, keep nurturing the child in you while building the team spirit and professionalism. Check out this video of Serosoft’s Antakshari eve when employees got connected to Bollywood showcased their talents with singing and a bit of dancing with joy.

Zumba @ Serosoft

With the IT work environment culture that involves long working hours, it is vital for professionals to take care of their physical activity along with their professional growth. Serosofters not only focus on excellent work but they also appreciate a healthy lifestyle with a pinch of fitness fun. The company completed the coolest event of the month with Zumba including interesting challenges of the squad, plank, sit-ups, and more. Watch the video and have a glimpse of zealous Serosofters.

The C3 Tournament By Serosoft

We work hard and we never miss the chance to play hard…
Here are glimpses of C3 tournament, the combination of smartness of Chess, fun of Carrom, and deception of Cards.

Blood Donation Drive at Serosoft

Blood donation is a noble cause that saves millions of lives every year. To contribute to this noble cause Serosoft organized a successful blood donation drive.
On the World Blood Donor Day, Serosoft pays its respect to all the real heroes who donate their blood to save lives. As we are not only good software professionals but, we are good human beings too.

Serosoft Premier League - SPL 2019

At the union of software and sports lies magic! It was an unforgettable day on the cricket field at our very own version of IPL – the Serosoft Premier League 2019! A day of amazing passion and team spirit!

Serosoft Hackathon 2019

SEROSOFT HACKATHON 2019: The grand coding event at Serosoft which was the first of its kind in Indore. 150 participants. 12 hours of non-stop coding. 2 winner teams. Get a quick peek into it!

SCORA 2018 - The Masquerade Party

SCORA 2017 - Serosoft Ceremony Of Recognition & Awards