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Be a Seropreneur – 2016

“If you want to be more productive you need to become a master of your minutes” (Paine 2016), with this great thought an event was organised at Serosoft Solutions to cultivate the business skills in the employees. An event which started with a vision to help employees nurture there entrepreneurship skills which came up with various creative and engaging ideas relating to start a business.

This event helped in enlightening the brains and thoughts of the young entrepreneurs in the blissful manner. Like any other fun event this was also directed under proper procedure and strategies. In this event all the Serosofters were divided in 6 teams (9 members each) wherein maximum 4 people were involved in the overall product development. The rest of the members were busy trying to get customers to their respective stalls. There were predefined rules and regulations where each team was asked to come up with great ideas and also proper execution.

They were given the task to decide their team name, punch line and also the product name. The overall key decision makers were from the HR department Miss Pallavini Londhe and Ms. Poonam Dhariwal. They were also scrutinised by Board of Advisory including our CEO, Mr. Arpit Badjatya and COO Mr. Siddharth Badjatya.

The event started up with great enthusiasm. All the team members were given a specific time for sell their product. Each team came up with great ideas and attractive products to entice customers to make more profits. The event was mainly organized to cultivate business and selling skills amongst Serosofters.

Various teams came up with different ideas when it come their product proposition. The products varied from food items to games, software portal/product. Moreover, the beautiful event wrapped up with a cake cutting ceremony which made it an exciting end.

The colourful evening turned out to be a blast which promised lot of fun with immense competitive spirit. Subsequently, all teams were asked to present their business idea and their strategic plan. This was finally concluded by Mr. Arpit Badjatya followed by Mr. Siddharth Badjatya.

Finally it was the time for the most awaited results. The winner was decided on the basis of maximum ROI and along with the best idea. The jury proudly announced “Team Adventurous” as the winner of the day who combined a business idea with a charitable cause effectively generating substantial profit margins. They were given certificate of appreciation and also runner up team was given goodies for the same.

This was one of the most exciting events lately at Serosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. where everyone who took had a blast.

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